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[BOOKS] ✸ The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky (Montague Siblings, #1.5)  Author Mackenzi Lee – Submitsites.info The Gentleman S Guide To Getting Lucky Montague Siblings, 1.5 Pdf Author Mackenzi Lee Bystricepodhostynem.eu In The Gentleman S Guide To Getting Lucky, Monty S Epic Grand Tour May Be Over, But Now That He And Percy Are Finally A Couple, He Realizes There Is Something Nerve Wracking Than Being Chased Across Europe Getting Together With The Person You Love Will The Romantic Allure Of Santorini Make His First Time With Percy Magical, Or Will All The Anticipation And Build Up Completely Spoil The Mood

10 thoughts on “The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky (Montague Siblings, #1.5)

  1. Mackenzi Mackenzi says:

    POST PUB UPDATE If you are in the US Canada and haven t received the novella yet, don t panic It s coming If you are international and haven t received the novella, email mackenzileeassistant gmail.com We had a few emails bounce but all the international ones went out today.

  2. Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ says:

    WAIT What O_oHold a second When did this become a thing and why the freaking hell didn t I know about it I needMonty and Percy in my life I m soo going to savour this Well, as soon as I get my own copy of course PMackenzi you make me very happy XDI hope you know that lol

  3. I. I. says:

    Smashing that Ladies Guide pre order button harder than Monty wants to smash Percy

  4. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    This was entirely adorable and so utterly awkward it was hilarious I actually could read an infinitely long series about Percy and Monty, juuuust saying in case the bookish gods want to grant that request It is pretty much 50pgs of Monty and Percy trying to have sex and everything of ever going wrong It made me laugh

  5. April (Aprilius Maximus) April (Aprilius Maximus) says:

    omfg i love them so much it hurts

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    The gang is back in this short, but sweet novella It s abso bloody lutely FANTASTIC Fans of The Gentleman s Guide to Vice and Virtue will not be disappointed Mackenzi had me laughing, shrieking, and as usual sighing Oh, Monty Also, if you ve listened to the audio book and fell in love with Christian Coulson s voice like I have, he mi

  7. ♆Hayley ♆Hayley says:

    WHERE IS MY MONTY AND PERCY FUCK STORY hits email refresh a million times Patience is no virtue of mine SOMEBODY FETCH ME A CHAISE I M ABOUT TO FUCKING FAINT

  8. Brianna Brianna says:

    Wait we re getting evenMonty and Percy I m already emotional

  9. Chesca Chesca says:

    OHHHHHHH BOOOOOOI I think I mexcited about this than Felicity s book AAAAAHHHHHHH ASDFGJKLAPWHVS

  10. Anniek Anniek says:

    So glad I sent in my preorder receipt I got the email about an hour and a half ago, and dived right in of course This is just entirely too cute.

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