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!!> Download ➿ The Bromance Book Club (Bromance Book Club, #1)  ➺ Author Lyssa Kay Adams – Submitsites.info Might be of a 3.5 but I m rounding up because this was a lot of fun I can t lie and say that it wasn t a smidge pander y and contrived at some parts, but overall this was a really fun ride and I definitely recommend checking it out if you re interested in reading a romance about a couple staying together rather than getting together I 10000% will be carrying on with the series 3.5 4 stars You have NO IDEA how excited I was for this book A group of baseball players getting together to read and talk about romance books How perfect There were scenes from the guys that had me genuinely laughing out loud and I did enjoy Gavin and Thea s second chance romance They were funny, down to earth, and both had issues to work through in order to get their second HEA The only issue for me was that parts of the story were too meta the book club constantly referred back to the romance genre and while this might be great for new romance readers, it took me out of the story a few times Other than that, I loved Lyssa Kay Adams writing and am PRAYING we get a book for Liv and Mack I can t wait to read from this author. Not exactly a debut novel, but definitely a new, and fresh take on a second chance romance A unique story with an engaging plot, The Bromance Book Club was a solid performance by the author.Who doesn t like a second chance love story Especially if the couple is married, with kids and the husband is fighting for another chance I really have been enjoying this trope lately A romance about a married couple adds another layer to a second chance story Clearly there is on the line, including family and kids And the twist of all things the big O really made this book a hell of a fresh take on romance, and a very relatable too I ve never seen an author pick up this storyline and I can only compliment her for doing so.Overall there is so much to say about Gavin I loved Gavin s unwillingness to give up, to fight for his marriage and family, even if the way he went about was outside of his comfort zone And he wasn t always the best student either, but he clearly cared about the outcome, so I forgive him for any mishaps because there were a couple Also he was a bit clueless, especially in bed, which was a bit worrying But it helped that there was without any doubt still feelings between the couple It just took time to peel away all the hurt feelings on both sides, and to get to the matter at hand the big O, or in this instance the missing of an O.Thea was maybe not an outstanding, or incredibly unique heroine, but she was trying I wouldn t say that I connected with her overly much, but I also didn t dislike her Let s just say that there weren t any deep feelings on my part either way.Besides it being a tender and heartwarming story, the bookclub part was hilarious.I wish guys would start a romance book club, and of course I would want to be the fly on the wall because it would be entertaining as hell.Although some predictability throughout the book prevents me from giving it a higher rating, all in all, from written style to plotting this novel should be on everyone s reading list.I hope a certain overly charming athlete, Mack, is getting a book next, because he was hilarious And he was definitely my favorite supporting character in this book.ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.For book recommendations, follow me on Instagram update after reading a really shit romance book immediately after this, i ve realised it was an absolute gem and deserved a higher rating that s all Just like the bar for heterosexual men treating their wives with respect, my standards for romance books are low However, I do think this is an exceptional, hilariously sweet rom com with subtle feminism embedded within the plot In my opinion, it s a stand out in its genre You ll love this book if you want an imperfect female character who s trying her best and finally gives up on society s expectations for women and allows herself to be carefree, pursuing the career she was forced to give up for her children while her husband was allowed to freely continue his a dumbass male character who s obviously an idiot for not cherishing and loving his wife, but he learns from his mistakes athletic, typically manly men standing up against toxic masculinity and acknowledging most of their relationship issues with wives girlfriends are their fault men acknowledging things women typically love, like pumpkin spice lattes and romance novels, genuinely aren t bad and they only initially hated them because women liked them men realising they aren t as close with their children because they sit back and allow their wives to raise them then take all of the credit a.k.a Lyssa Kay Adams said men ain t shit Gavin Scott realises his relationship with his wife is in turmoil when he discovers he s never given her a true orgasm After receiving the cold shoulder, spending years raising his children, giving up her career, and faking being satisfied with her life, Thea finally asks for a divorce However, Gavin joins a group of men who read romance books and use the actions of their heroes to win back their wives and girlfriends They start a new Regency romance about a Duke and Duchess whose marriage is in peril, and Gavin uses these cues in an attempt to win Thea s heart back My main reason for not rating this a full five stars is because I don t think men deserve any credit for doing the absolute bare minimum in a relationship The fact that complimenting your wife let alone cough eating her out so she can reach orgasm is a foreign concept to Gavin is ridiculous to me, especially since he has to be told these things by other people Another human being had to sit this grown male down and inform him that he should ve been complimenting his wife s appearance In addition, a lot of the discussion within the book club was too far fetched for me to believe I know it s fiction, but I doubt a group of heterosexual men would ever be fine getting manicures together and discussing whether The Little Mermaid is damaging to young women or whether they have the intellect to acknowledge it s fiction I found these particularly difficult to believe because even celebrity men who proclaim themselves as feminists are eventually exposed as sexual harassers or say something disgusting against another minority and completely turn against the social justice warrior movement Though, I highly, highly appreciated these discussions coming from a woman trying to discuss issues through these men Another complaint I have was the fact that their children played a huge part at the beginning of the plot, but she completely forgets about them in the second half I feel like the twins didn t appear at all in the last 40% of the book, which was slightly worrying since they re 2 3 years old and obviously need to be looked after or considered in a repaired marriage Further, one of them is described to have a speech impediment like Gavin, but it s used a few times in the beginning, then ignored in the rest It s never elaborated on or referenced in the second half as well I thought it was strange to make it into a huge deal and constantly have her saying chocolate thips , then ignore the development towards the end Thea the new love of my life She essentially gave up her entire career and personality to raise her and Gavin s children and withstood so much mediocrity She finally decides to go back to university, stand up to people who made her feel lesser than she was worth, and acknowledges that she deserved respect from a distant husband who was too self absorbed to notice her pain I loved Thea from the moment we re introduced to her in chapter two, but that was solidified when she uttered the word heteronormative in a conversation about baseball wives and girlfriends WAGs Other authors willingly use that phrase and puck bunnies but Lyssa Kay Adams had Thea crumple it into a ball, throw it to the ground, jump on it repetitively, then threw it into a waiting fire I formally identify as bisexual, but informally I m sexually attracted to women who realise their worth and don t settle for mediocre treatment from the men they re in relationships with while acknowledging they have the autonomy to be a mother AND have a career, just as their husbands have done with no consequence Gavin kind of an idiot, but sweet at the same time Has a stutter, which is the source of a lot of his insecurities I don t have one myself, but my father does, and I ve noticed it jumps out at random times instead of when he s nervous like Gavin s does in this book Not that something like a speech impediment needs to be an accurate representation, but I wanted to point it out If you re wondering where the above gif is from, it s an episode of Rachel Bloom s Crazy Ex Girlfriend, where a man realises he s never given his wife an orgasm since she masturbates in the bathroom after sex Here s a link to the music video It s surprising Gavin ever got Thea to marry him with the sheer amount of ignorance he has in regards to women The scene where Thea asks him to get towels from the linen closet, but he 1 can t find the closet and 2 can t find any towels, then Thea proceeds to find a stack, was so accurate Anyone who lives with a male human being knows they re hopeless, especially with laundry The scenes with the book club were absolutely hilarious There s a scene after they ve played dress ups that had me cackling at 1 am It was non stop joke after joke, and the character s interactions with each other were peak comedy I loved how the men openly admitted they only hated things like romance books and Pumpkin Spice Lattes because women loved them At the beginning of the book, Gavin goes from a romance hating fiend to someone who genuinely enjoys reading them, and he even starts reading them to Thea for another connection between them I can t elaborate on all of the discussions these men had without continuing this review for the next year, but there were plenty and I appreciated all of them In addition, I hope there s a spin off or sequel with Liv, Thea s sister And I hope Lyssa Kay Adams acknowledges that she is definitely not heterosexual Whenever Liv interacted with her friend from the cafe, I thought she was eventually going to say they were dating There was even a scene between Mack and Gavin where one was obviously flirting with the other and turned on But, alas, maybe this entire book is heteronormative to use Thea s words after all The Bromance Book Club is a wonderful, comedic, and heart wrenching story I loved every minute of reading it and never wanted it to end I hope the trend of rom com novels that are genuinely hilarious continue, and I m desperate for some diversity Thank you to Berkley for kindly providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review Sweet and funny and emotional I zoomed through this one Sunday, totally compelled by the romance and the bromance I m so looking forward to seeing of this book club. A book about a bunch of guys creating a book club to read romance as they try to understand their wives better Oh this is going to be hilarious Hero gets love advice from bro s and booksI didn t really know what to expect from this book I knew it was a romantic comedy because of the premise, But I wasn t sure if the story would be any good aside from the inherent hilarity of a bunch of guys reading and talking about romance novels To tell the truth, that premise did lead to a few laugh out loud one liners and quotable sections of the book The storyline was good as well.This was a book about a marriage in trouble with one of the parties Gavin, fighting to keep the marriage, and the other, Thia is past the point where she already gave up on the marriage Gavin couldn t take the fact that his wife had been faking the big O His pride was hurt and his insecurities blew up He didn t react well to the news and Thea kicked him out and he wants to make his marriage work.Thea blames him for leaving even though she kicked him out, but that isn t the only reason she is done with him So Gavin doesn t have an easy road ahead of him to convince her to give him another chance His best friend Del, from his baseball team brings him in on a secret club Gavin thinks it is a joke at first but soon finds out that he really needs it The club gives him a regency romance novel to read where the Hero is in a situation similar to Gavin The book club also offers him advice on how to win Thea back The members are famous athletes and political figures from the area Gavin is reading the novel throughout this book It is funny to see the comparisons between his situation and the Hero s from the book The Bro s in the club also tell Gavin about how steamy the romance novels can getGavin decided to catch up on some reading after putting the girls to bed, but holy shit He had no idea a major sex scene was coming up And not just any sex scene This was fucking filthy Did people actually do that shit back then Of course, we did, Lord Jelly Finger responded Do you really think white, Western civilization invented cunnilingus in the twentieth century Whatever All Gavin knew was that it finally happened He got a goddamned book bonerOne thing I really liked which endeared Gavin to me was the fact that he has a stutter He wasn t the standard Sports Hero with all kinds of confidence and cockiness I guess That was why I liked him so much than Thea Plus the fact that she basically blamed him for the fact she was faking it, saying he should have known But did she ever tell him there was an issue No she didn t Overall the books was enjoyable and it did have some steamy moments I will give this one a heat index of 3 out of 5 flames The story was extremely interesting and I have thought for a long time that if men read romance novels, us girls would have a lot O s than we do and there wouldn t be so many fake O s going on I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.Blog Goodreads Facebook Twitter BookBub The First Rule Of This Book Club You Don T Talk About Book ClubNashville Legends Second Baseman Gavin Scott S Marriage Is In Major League Trouble He S Recently Discovered A Humiliating Secret His Wife Thea Has Always Faked The Big O When He Loses His Cool At The Revelation, It S The Final Straw On Their Already Strained Relationship Thea Asks For A Divorce, And Gavin Realizes He S Let His Pride And Fear Get The Better Of Him Welcome To The Bromance Book ClubDistraught And Desperate, Gavin Finds Help From An Unlikely A Secret Romance Book Club Made Up Of Nashville S Top Alpha Men With The Help Of Their Current Read, A Steamy Regency Titled Courting The Countess, The Guys Coach Gavin On Saving His Marriage But It Ll Take A Lot Than Flowery Words And Grand Gestures For This Hapless Romeo To Find His Inner Hero And Win Back The Trust Of His Wife Thank you, Berkley, for giving me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review He was a different man than he d been before book club He recognized his own faults and shortcomings.This is hands down the funniest book I ve read this year Out of the 29 novels, it s the only one that made me laugh out loud in the car while my big brothers were having a moment of comfortable silence I rarely read New Adult fiction, but witty and hilarious stories like this might change that fact The Bromance Book Club is about Gavin, an outstanding baseball player On the night of his Grand Slam, he discovers that his wife, Thea, has been unhappy with their marriage Gavin doesn t want to lose her, so he seeks the help of his teammates, who happen to be part of a secret book club for men with marital problems Gavin is dumbfounded when his friends claim that he can win Thea back by reading romance novels Since such books are usually written by females, they can teach men how to interact with women better Sounds logical, eh I want to include Song of Solomon on their reading list because the Bible is an excellent guide to married life , but I digress xDI loved the premise of this book The idea of a bookish jock seems so contradictory, so it s great that the author played with this stereotype Indeed, it s challenging to strike a balance between books and athletics, but it s possible if you re diligent or in Gavin s case, desperate enough I m a bookworm who dislikes most sports sweating in general , so I couldn t help but enjoy the ironic plot It was fun and a bit inspiring to read about macho men immersing themselves in the world of literature brawn brains Ugh, if my family sees this review, they might point out my thin figure once again and encourage me to exercise pAs expected, Gavin and Thea played the blaming game Both of them were at fault, but I thought that Gavin was accountable His pride got in the way, making him detach himself from Thea for several weeks or months This might surprise you, but I sympathized with their plight I m familiar with the feeling of wanting someone to apologize first Also, let s just say that I know some couples who have had the same problem Why can t we just practice humility and initiate reconciliation before our relationships become too damaged to mend Thea wasn t so innocent, either She let her troubled childhood e.g., her feelings of abandonment dictate her opinion of her husband It came to the point that she doubted Gavin s sincerity and resigned herself to having a broken family To make things worse, her twin sister Liv insisted that Gavin was an irredeemable jerk It sucked that she had to play devil s advocate The final argument in the book was her fault, and I was like, Shut up, lady, you re not helpin I didn t like Gavin and Thea whenever they fought, but I loved them whenever they collaborated to make their twin daughters happy The kids antics were mostly endearing, and my affection for them didn t falter even when one of them puked on Gavin after eating too much pie And just so you know, their pet dog ate some of the vomit Haha Nonetheless, this book failed to eliminate my dislike for real children I feel so irritated when I hear babies cry in public places lAs a whole, The Bromance Book Club is anything but a shallow rom com It reminded me that marriage requires a lot of work and that you shouldn t give up on your spouse even if he or she seems like a gift from the Underworld sometimes Till death do us part, remember If you weren t prepared to fulfill such a promise, then you shouldn t have gotten married in the first place. 2.5 starsA light hearted second chance sports romance, which sadly didn t really deliver I seem to be in the minority here, but I didn t love this I thought I would, as it s a sports romance, and is a story about a couple staying together, getting a second chance It even has a men s book club supporting each other, helping each other to understand their partners It was an original concept I liked that it was about men in a secret book club, trying to understand and connect with their partners and wives I liked that it was a quick read I liked that it was a story about a couple staying together, I don t see that much I liked that it was quite steamy The second half of the book was quite cute Unfortunately, there was also a lot that I didn t like I have to start with the female main character, Thea She was unreasonable, irritating and a liar The woman faked her orgasms for over three years, and it wasn t the only thing she was faking What was the point in that She didn t get what she wanted, and her husband thought he was doing all the right things, so carried on doing them I ve never understood women who do that You should be able to be honest with your husband, and communicate your needs But that s the crux of this story This couple aren t honest with each other about anything They don t talk to each other How was Gavin to know that she was unsatisfied, she acted, and lied about it I m not just talking about in the bedroom She didn t like the life of a WAG, she wanted a different life, wanted different things, but expected him to know all of this Did she tell him any of this NOOOO He was not a mind reader Another thing that bothered me was that Thea accepted no responsibility for the breakdown in her marriage Gavin was in the wrong, and she was in the right, and my goodness the book hammered that home to me I actually ended up hating her, and feeling sorry for Gavin She even kicked him out the house, and then was mad when he left It was a test, and he wasn t supposed to leave Like She Asked Him To So of course he failed that, and then she asked him for a divorce Poor Gavin actually hadn t done much wrong Yes he wasn t as attentive as he should be, but with young twins, and a busy career, these things happen He also wasn t that sexually experienced, so didn t always hit the spot with Thea, but she could have helped him out there There are two people in a marriage, and Thea could have voiced her wants and needs, and they could have worked on their marriage together He really loved her and his kids Thea also compared all men to her absent, philandering father Yes we get it, your father was an arsehole, but you can t judge everyone by his standards, you have to have a little faith and trust I actually think she needed some counselling, to move past her unhappy childhood, and perhaps they could have had some couples counselling Gavin spent the whole book trying to win her back, and she shot him down over and over By the end of the book, Thea realised these things and her character does grow, but by that point, at about 80% it was too little, too late for me I just couldn t stand her Other things that bothered me was the unsubtle feminism The men in the book club, turning to regency romance novels to help them with their love lives, was just pure fantasy And all of the unrealistic things that came out with..like talking about toxic masculinity It felt preachy and overly political to me I keep reading romance books with all of these woke men in, and it just makes me roll my eyes You can have male characters who are feminists, and all round decent guys, without shoving it down my throat The chapters from the regency romance which Gavin was reading also felt unnecessary to me They were overly cheesy, and made me cringe Then there was the fact that Gavin actually used the actual lines and moves from the book he was reading Word for word It was really manipulative and Thea was angry about it, but got over it I would have been furious to find that out That the lovely, sweet things my husband was saying were straight out of a book, and not his real feelings I didn t like Thea s sister either She was such a jealous, interfering bitch She was the one who encouraged Thea to throw Gavin out, and every time they made any progress, there she was trying to undo it One final thing that bothered me was the twins They were about 2 2 1 2 years old, yet were written as if they were 4 5 years old I know it s a minor thing, but it really irritated me how they didn t act like toddlers To sum up, I felt that this story was too light hearted for the serious topic it covered And the couple would have avoided all of the hassle and heartbreak if they had actually just talked to each other like mature adults Urgh I hate the miscommunication trope It might work in YA, but it really irritates me in adult fiction JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER DAMNIT Many thanks to Berkley and edelweiss for the chance to download an e arc in exchange for an honest review

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