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Read ✓ In the Dream House  By Carmen Maria Machado – Read In The Dream House Carmen Maria Machado A Startling, Moving, And Innovative Memoir From The National Book Award Finalist For Fiction.For Years Carmen Maria Machado Has Struggled To Articulate Her Experiences In An Abusive Same Sex Relationship In This Extraordinarily Candid And Radically Inventive Memoir, Machado Tackles A Dark And Difficult Subject With Wit, Inventiveness And An Inquiring Spirit, As She Uses A Series Of Narrative Tropes Including Classic Horror Themes To Create An Entirely Unique Piece Of Work Which Is Destined To Become An Instant Classic.

10 thoughts on “In the Dream House

  1. Roxane Roxane says:

    With exacting, exquisite prose, Carmen Maria Machado writes about the complexities of abuse in queer relationships in her absolutely remarkable memoir In The Dream House She deftly chronicles the wildness of succumbing to desire, the entrancing tenderness of loving and being loved, the fragility of hope, an

  2. Sarah Etter Sarah Etter says:

    An innovative blend of memoir, research, and cultural commentary that masterfully grapples with domestic violence in queer relationships I couldn t put it down Split up into powerful, dense vignettes, In The Dream House just made me cancel all of my plans so I could finish it immediately So excited to see this one e

  3. alex alex says:


  4. Hillary Smith Hillary Smith says:

    In the Dream House is truly remarkable, a memoir that deftly sidesteps that categorization I opened this book one afternoon excited to read the new Carmen Maria Machado, even if it wasn t fiction, and then the next thing I knew it was night I would say that I devoured this book, but I am n...

  5. Jackie Jackie says:

    sometimes when i m extremely lucky, i read something that is so incandescent it feels as though i am floating through space and being held by an author s sentences, their use of language, their way of literally breaking the ground beneath all of our feet to unearth something terrifying but something we need to look at readers this is one of t

  6. April April says:

    I got this book as an advanced readers copy at a library conference This book is beautifully and painfully and imaginatively and bravely written TW for abuse, though I m grateful to Machado for her willingness to be vulnerable and open about her experience with queer partner abuse There are so many emotional, political, and literary layers to this boo

  7. Marissa Korbel Marissa Korbel says:

    In the Dream House, Carmen Machado explores her abusive relationship with her ex girlfriend Machado dives deep into the metaphor of The Dream House to explode our expectations of queer relationships, domestic bliss, and intimate partner violence This memoir brings a necessary reckoning to the conversation about how and when women abuse other wom...

  8. E.B. E.B. says:

    Wow Just wow.

  9. Mary Kay Mary Kay says:

    In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado is a memoir that focuses on the horrors of queer domestic abuse What interested me most about this book besides its importance to our society, who apparently believes that domestic abuse is not a thing among non heterosexual couples is its format She discusses the self doubt i...

  10. Cat B Cat B says:

    This book is perfection Heartbreaking, screaming and pulling out my hair, I will dream about it for years to come, don t read it on the subway you ll cry, perfection.

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