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[PDF / Epub] ✈ If You Must Know (Potomac Point, #1)  ☀ Jamie Beck – Submitsites.info Life Turns Upside Down For Two Sisters In Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Jamie Beck S Emotional Novel About How Secrets And Differences Can Break Or Bind A FamilySisters Amanda Foster And Erin Turner Have Little In Common Except The Childhood Bedroom They Once Shared And The Certainty Each Feels That Her Way Of Life Is Best Amanda Follows The Rules At The School Where She Works In Her Community And As A Picture Perfect Daughter, Wife, And Mother To Be Erin Follows Her Heart In Love And Otherwise Living A Bohemian Lifestyle On A Shoestring Budget And Honoring Her Late Father S Memory With A Passion For Music And Her Fledgling Bath Products BusinessThe Sisters Are Content Leading Separate But Happy Lives In Their Hometown Of Potomac Point Until Everything Is Upended By Lies That Force Them To Confront Unsettling Truths About Their Family, Themselves, And Each Other For Sisters As Different As These Two, Building Trust Doesn T Come Easily Especially With One Secret Still Between Them But It May Be The Only Way To Save Their Family

10 thoughts on “If You Must Know (Potomac Point, #1)

  1. Antonella Antonella says:

    If You Must Know is women fiction book that follows lives of two sisters Amanda and Erin, when they lives implode after certain things come to light These two are very different Amanda is married one, kindergarten teacher, the introvert, always doing the right thing On the other hand Erin is free spirited, yoga instructor, taking life how it comes, tells it like it is The whole

  2. Jamie Beck Jamie Beck says:

    Note from the author Thank you for considering reading and reviewing my next novel, IF YOU MUST KNOW This book is special to me because it s my first foray into writing mainstream fiction When I decided to pivot away from romance, my goal was to craft something entertaining and a bit escapist while also maintaining some heart Like most of my previous books, this one involves a comp

  3. LianaReads blog LianaReads blog says:

    If you must know is a great story about two sisters and their mother that are trying to support each other through some very difficult situations The suspense kept me on edge at all times and I enjoyed the point of view of each character and their so different life story The deceitful husband, the thought decisions that Amanda has to take to protect her unborn child, the mental health

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Thanks to netgalley and Montlake Romance for allowing me to read this book.

  5. Anoeska Nossol Anoeska Nossol says:

    Amanda Foster and Erin Turner are totally different Two sisters who seem to have a perfect life that suits them the best Until a certain moment When lies seem to take the overhand, the truth tries to find its way.The writing style was okay Sometimes I felt like the word choice was a bit off As if the characters changed from mentality and way of speaking I did like the way this was portrayed It


    You could learn a thing or two about how to make the best of bad situations, and how to believe in yourself despite flaws and failings Meet the three Turner woman , all three at different turning points in their life, all three with a different dynamic to their individual relationships with each other and the people around them Amanda needs to be like Erin, Erin like Amanda and their mom is tryi

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    I want to say thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to read and review this advanced copy There are times when I do read a romance and of course it s apparent it is, even if it is a little smutty On those rare occasions where a story is said to be a romance, but I m having a hard time seeing it because there wasn t much to it I m not saying that is a bad thing, on the contr

  8. Ashley *Booksbrewsandbarks* Ashley *Booksbrewsandbarks* says:

    This was an extremely pleasant read that did a great job examining the relationships between siblings namely sisters as well as parents and those children. The two narrators, Amanda and Erin, were relatable on many levels, even if Amanda was much naive than she even ever admitted I adored the spunkiness that Erin brought to the table and her journey overall, especially romantically Even though Amanda s s

  9. Gary Gary says:

    William Turner was the glue that held his family together When he died a year ago, everything seemed to fall apart His widow was trapped in her grief, unable to move forward Her only solace was a medium that she hired hoping to get in contact with her late husband Her daughters, Amanda and Erin never the best of friends during good times were on each other s case even .Then in the course of one weekend, what

  10. Darlene Darlene says:

    This book was a pleasant surprise I didn t know what to expect as I have never heard of the author, but I ended up really enjoying this one The characters and plot are both well developed, and the writing style is very easy to read I m giving this one a 4.5 star rating.I really like the characters in this book The plot revolves around two sisters and their mother One sister, Amanda, has been duped by her husband,

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