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PDF / Epub ★ Coral  Author Sara Ella – Submitsites.info There Is Than One Way To DrownCoral Has Always Been Different, Standing Out From Her Mermaid Sisters In A Society Where Blending In Is Key Worse Yet, She Fears She Has Been Afflicted With The Dreaded Disease, Said To Be Carried By Humans Emotions Can She Face The Darkness Long Enough To Surface In The Light Above The Sea, Brooke Has Nothing Left To Give Depression And Anxiety Have Left Her Feeling Isolated Forgotten The Only Thing She Can Rely On Is The Numbness She Finds Within The Cool And Comforting Ocean Waves If Only She Weren T Stuck At Fathoms A New Group Therapy Home That Promises A Second Chance At Life But What S The Point Of Living If Her Soul Is Destined To Bleed Merrick May Be San Francisco S Golden Boy, But He Wants Nothing Than To Escape His Controlling Father When His Younger Sister S Suicide Attempt Sends Merrick To His Breaking Point, Escape Becomes The Only Option If He Can Find Their Mom, Everything Will Be Made Right Again Right When Their Worlds Collide, All Three Will Do Whatever It Takes To Survive, And Coral Might Even Catch A Prince In The Process But What And Who Must They Leave Behind For Life To Finally Begin Taking A New Twist On Hans Christian Andersen S Beloved Yet Tragic Fairy Tale, Coral Explores Mental Health From Multiple Perspectives, Questioning What It Means To Be Human In A World Where Humanity Often Seems Lost

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  1. Sara Ella Sara Ella says:

    Trigger Warning A Note to My Readers You will find this note at the beginning of this book as well For my friends who have experienced trauma, a warning this story may be triggering I have done my best to approach the mental health topics addressed in this book in the most sensitive and caring way possible But even all the research and sensitivity readers in the world would never make it so I could approach every aspect of mental health from every perspective Your experience is unique to you

  2. Lilian Lilian says:

    Okay this got SUPER confusing at the end I may have to reread it to fully get it I think I read it too quickly hahah.

  3. Marta Cox Marta Cox says:

    Absolutely beautiful, heart breaking and ultimately about the power of love I note that many view this as a retelling of The Little Mermaid but I beg to disagree I found this to be slightly inspired by it yes but only as a vehicle to tell a profound story about depression and the ugly consequences This quite rightly carries a trigger warning as it s a very heavy subject but told in a deft intriguing way Its surprising, profound and imaginative Told initially from the point of view of Coral we gradually l

  4. Laura A. Grace Laura A. Grace says:

    4.5 starsI m not 100% sure what to say.Coral was nothing like expected, but everything I needed It ripped off the blinders concerning mental health in a way where these characters are not just characters on the page They are reflections of real people, real stories It made me realize that it can be so easy due to social media to feel involved in others lives, but also make us feel like a mermaid out of water That so many of us struggle with or know someone personally who struggles with anxiety, depression, and

  5. Nadhira Satria Nadhira Satria says:

    I got approved for the arc, yeahhhhh man

  6. Brooke Brooke says:

    Who knew a person could drown without ever stepping off land Coral has always been different, standing out from her mermaid sisters where blending in is key Above the sea, Brooke is overcome with depression and anxiety, but is trying a group therapy home that promises a second chance at life Merrick is San Francisco s golden boy, but he wants nothing to escape his controlling father Ok I really and truly wanted to fall in love with this book And there are aspects of it that moved me and resounded with my past that I was

  7. Mindy Mindy says:

    2.75 5 Disclaimer I received a free electronic ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Coral is a loose retelling of the classic tale of The Little Mermaid I m not super familiar with all the nitty gritty details of the classic, just the kids friendly Disney version that most of the general population have come to love Aside from this, I can confirm it is a VERY loose retelling.This book has a very interesting premise, but once I started to read it I began to lose interest First off, the story starts out slow to the

  8. Sydney (sydneysshelves) West Sydney (sydneysshelves) West says:

    I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own Thank you Netgalley and Thomas Nelson Publishing.Before I even start this I want to bring your attention to the author s note She is very clear about trigger warnings and that she wants you to talk care of your mental health So if subjects like suicide, self harm, depression, anxiety, death of a loved one bother you at all, maybe wait to pick this one up until you are in a good state of mindWhere to begin with the lovel

  9. Julie (Struck by Stories) Julie (Struck by Stories) says:

    I received a free eARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my thoughts or opinions of this book This book, was just, WOW.When I went into it, I was expecting a retelling of the Little Mermaid, but, oh my gosh, this book is so much than that It was a beautiful and exquisite take on mental health in today s society, and for that, I honestly cannot recommend it enough.However, I will say that I experienced a lot of difficulty following along with the story, especially towards the end While it begins as a YA co

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